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The Power of a Good Sign

Did you know that 54% of American consumers failed to find a business because the business's sign was too small or unclear? Do you find that you're asking yourself "where is everyone" or "why aren't people coming?" Maybe you've thought to yourself "They just don't know what we do here." If you've said any of these, there's a chance your sign is not providing you the return of investment that you hoped for.

Do you ever go by a big business and just look at their sign? They usually have one of the better-looking signs you've seen, right? There's a reason for that and we are diving into it!

Customers often work on their own assumptions when they see a sign of an unknown business. Their assumptions about a business are influenced by the sign itself. In a survey conducted by business students at the University of Cincinnati, 79% of them said they infer the quality of a business from its signage. Consumers often associate quality signs with quality businesses. Before even walking into your business, you influence the consumer simply by the appearance and the information on your signage. In a survey conducted on consumers, 41.5% of them made quality assumptions based on the store's clear and attractive signage.

Another fun fact learned through the Sign Research Foundation is that 60% of businesses reported increased sales on average of 10% or more by adding or updating their signage. 10% on a company that does $600,000 a year is an increase of $60,000!

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